The shapes of “2.5” lie in the narrow area where very thick lines and very thin volumes meet, and invite the eye of the beholder to linger for a bit of time to be entertained by this ambiguity. The playfulness of the curves seems to suggest that it is not important to take a decision on which way to interpret them.
"Oblivion" (2014) Laser cut plexiglass, paper Shown at the Bethanien, Berlin

A technologically enhanced reproduction of a work from Ancient Greece, meant to embody both the concepts of forgetting and being forgotten, “Oblivion” puts the viewer in front of the ambiguity of a partially filled enclosure. Whether it is losing its content or being filled with the sands of time, the statue is a silent yet loud reminder of precariousness.
I saw the light.

Pizza drones are a reality

FIFA is full of mystery cases.#035 has been solved.
Food is good in Epanomi. 
Life is good in Epanomi.
"To love someone is to confront them with their own worthlessness."
Artsy fartsy.
The twisted movie morals series.No.30 : The Lego Movie
Stephen Colbert and the 43-way tie for nothing.
Very insightful.
Most beautiful shop window.
Strangely enough, it is a clerical clothing and tailor shop in Bergamo.