Tumblr serendipity.The fact that it is @55-based is purely random.
“It’s hard to imagine that computers, programmed to mimic human techniques, could have any ability at all in invoking something ineffable, as they are primarily concerned with the effable - calculating concrete values from input data which has been clearly defined in advance.”
The twisted movie morals series.No.29 : What’s Your Number?
They served my croissant next to a fish bowl. Is this even legal? Surreal for sure.
…and this is why technology is not there yet.But soon.
The twisted movie morals series.No.28 : American Hustle
Dedicated to all the single people feeling a bit awkward on Valentine’s day.
The twisted movie morals series.No.27 : Flight
The twisted movie morals series.No.26 : Breaking the Waves
I got 2 new (completely random) followers in the past few days, so I feel responsible to post something.Dear new followers, whether you’re humans or bots, welcome.
The twisted movie morals series.No.25 : Elysium
Love in the fog.
“She was my favorite person in the world. Until now.”